Our 2023 Keynote Speaker

Cindy Newland

Cindy is an author, psychologist and activist in the adoption community. She is an acclaimed speaker who has keynoted at conferences and events all over the country and has an extensive media background. Under her writing name of Cindy Champnella her books include “The Waiting Child: How the Faith and Live of One Orphan Saved the Life of Another” (St Martin’s Press) and “The Twelve Gifts of Life: Finding Extraordinary Meaning in Ordinary Moments. “ Cindy has helped hundreds of families adopt and has run support groups for post adoption adjustment.

After being tragically widowed she is recently remarried and has 5 daughters ranging in age from 29 to 10; 4 are from China. (For more about the joy and struggles in adoption follow her on Facebook: Cindy Jane Newland).