Child Of God Headbands For Everyone

The recent account of the Damario Davis a football player who did something simple and yet powerful.  He wore a headband that read “Man Of God”.  I loved his bravery of sharing who he was and was glad when the articles started appearing saying that he was not fined, charges were dropped, and he is free to express himself.


It did get me thinking on the subject though.  What did it mean to him to wear this headband identifying himself as God’s Child.  I am sure to him he felt that it “set him apart” as chosen, which he is, and I love the idea.  More than the idea I love what the message says to others.  When we wear clothing that is a certain style we represent our taste in clothing.  We may wear a cross necklace, a shirt with scripture on it, but this got me thinking deeper than that.


What if whenever we looked at someone at work, at home, on the street, they were all wearing a headband that says “Child of God”?  What would that do inside of us?  Would we take notice?  Would it be the best reminder ever that holds us to account for the way we treat them or think about them?  I know personally I sometimes need a reminder to choose to remember that my husband is a Child of God, my children are a Child of God, my acquaintances are a Child of God, the person I am having a huge disagreement with is a Child of God.


Seeing the story of the headband made me realize and gave me an important reminder that being a Child of God is who I am as well.  I am valuable, necessary, needed, loved, important, capable, gifted, healed, and I was bought with a great price of sacrifice by a God who chooses not just to label me Child of God but chooses to remind me of who I am daily when I choose to listen.  Oh friend, there are hard days.  Days when we can’t see our true identity.  We look in the mirror and are lost in the lies of the enemy.  We can’t see truth and on those days what would happen if in the mirror there appeared a headband reminding us you are a Child of God?


Dawn Wright

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