Where are you on the journey?


Mandy blog pic edited



Look at this picture closely. This caught my attention and became a subtle reminder of a few critical lesson of life:

  • We need each other
  • So much more can be accomplished when we do “life” together
  • We are all at different levels…different “steps” of the journey
  • The freedom.. JOY (all pun intended) that comes from when we let go, risk it in faith and know He’s got you! #ouryesisonthetable

Are you scared, fearful, like the first child on the left to take that 1st step? #paigeypie

Are you the encourager/prayer warrior for those unsure: fearful of the unknown? Or are you the one who is ready to take the leap now in obedience and total faith? #MLitzKe #riskingfaith #doinglifetogether.




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