Never Changing

Foster parent life is hard.
Juggling family and kids and all of the other hats that we wear as moms is hard.
Running a nonprofit is hard.
Trying to maintain friendships and self-care is hard.

There are days when things are overwhelming, and we just don’t feel like we can juggle it all. And lately with the holidays and everything else going on I feel that more often than not. My schedule is insanely ridiculous right now and I am not saying that to bring myself glory in anyway or anything like that, because they are all opportunities that God has put in place and I don’t take that lightly. But the reality of it is, it’s overwhelming because God has a lot more faith in what I can do then I have in myself… And so I’m constantly having to remind myself that God created me for this and that he won’t give me more than I can handle.

I went to church couple weeks ago and there was this song that had been written that they were doing and it was a game changer for me… the chorus said “Your good and you never change” and THAT blew my mind because in the midst of all of my crazy and all of stuff God is still faithful and he never changes.

There’s something about knowing that… because I know that, but hearing it just did something. So friends I challenge you today to rest in the fact that whether you can see God’s goodness and his faithfulness or not know that he is. The story behind the song was told and part of that story was a prayer that she used to help her get through some of the darkest times in her life… And that was simply that God would overwhelm the thing that was overwhelming her. That’s so powerful.

So hear me say, even if church and God aren’t really your thing… know that there’s people around you that you can share your stories with when you’re feeling overwhelmed, because it’s true we all get OVERWHELMED.

You’re in a good fight mama keep up the work that you’re doing…one day at a time….

Love you!




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