Joy, Peace and Faithfulness



All three of these are on repeat in my mental playlist this season. All three (along with others) are posted where I continually & physically SEE them to serve as reminders.

I realized this was the third year I have sat at the hospital bedside of one of our precious treasures fighting for their lives. Though it saddens me deeply for our children to endure the suffering, the thought in and of itself didn’t sadden me. It reminded me. It served as a reminder that no matter where we are, what circumstances surrounds us, how our emotions cause us to FEEL; no matter how muddled or messed up life can seem…truth remains and never changes. Christ remains the very same.
Jesus, The Savior of the world came. Joy remains. He is our hope. He is our joy.
He is here. He is with us. And without Christ, there is no Christmas – today in this season or the tomorrow’s of the new year.
Christmas is “Christ with us”. We CAN rejoice in that no matter what!

“A thrill of hope, a weary world rejoices
for yonder breaks a new and glorious morn.”

“Fall on your knees.” (Pause to adore Him. Praise Him for He is worthy. Pray to Him, He is here.)

Immanuel, “Christ with us”.
(He left the 99 for us. For you. For me).
Oh, how He loves you and me.
#christmasischristwithus #Immanuel #HeIS

#MLitZke #purposelylookingtoHim #purposelypointingtoHim #lifeisagift #weGETtodothis



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